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Grove Park Group Residents Association

Piazza Crowd-pleaser


Within the first 24 hours of the SpaceHive crowdfunding project for the Piazza Appeal going live it received £40,555 of pledges - thats over half way to the total!. The Grove Park Group have delivered over 2,000 leaflets to GP addresses inviting residents to a public launch outside the shops on 20 May 2017. There will be a marquee with free refreshments, a band and free prize draw at the event running from 10am to 4pm. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, look at the plans and tell us your ideas for how to improve the design. You can even make a pledge there and then, all you need is your bank account number and sort code.

The project has received individual pledges from £10 to £36,565. So a huge thank you to those who have supported the project so far. Every pledge counts as the total number indicates the level of support the project has from the community. The greater the support the higher the likelihhod of the fund attracting an additional grant of up to £50,000 from the London Mayor. Our target is 80 pledges.

To make a pledge visit:

Lets make this project a success and change Grove Park for the better.

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Grove Park CPZ Update

The last part of the Grove Park Controlled Parking Zone programme continues. Hounslow's Traffic Department have pledged to introduce the scheme as soon as is practical, but there have been several detailed comments about the planned layout, which the traffic department are considering.

When they have decided how best to incorporate those suggestions, they will publish their decision, which will then go to the required Statutory Consultation. If that is approved, then the works can commence, once included in the schedule for construction. Our sources at Hounslow Council estimate completion date to be no later than August, if all goes smoothly.

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Grove Park Shopping Area


Grove Park Road shopping area, where several shops can be found


dry cleaners




convenience stores

And on the other side of the railway


Burlington Lane shopping area where other shops and services can be found

local supermarket

vet and pet services



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Fauconberg Road Shopping Area


Where several shops can be found

local supermarket


take aways



convenience stores

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