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Grove Park Group Residents Association


The Chiswick Flower Market will be staged again at the Old Market Place, Chiswick High Road (outside the police station) from 09.30am – 3.00pm on Sunday 1st November, again presenting a mix of stalls selling plants, cut flowers (more are promised  this time), bulbs, house plants and horticultural accessories.

Covid Precautions

Having cancelled October's market, to ponder improvements, the organisers consulted with Hounslow Council's Director of Public Health and scrutinised the government's Covid regulations resulting in additional steps to make the market as safe as possible:

• new entrance on Linden Gardens

• new layout with stalls spread out further apart

• new rota for marshals and more of them, dispersing any clustering

• compulsory hand sanitiser and mask wearing (unless medically exempt)

• increased trader staff numbers to process customers faster and avoid queuing

• reduced number of people in the market at any one time

Tender Perennials

They are introducing a 'Tender Perennials' hour from 08.30-09.30am for older (70+) and more vulnerable shoppers to come (with a friend if necessary) to get first choice in a quieter market with limited numbers and greater spacing. Entry will be by ticket so please sign up for a reserved place at

The Flower Market lists 4 ways to help them help you:

1. Please come to Chiswick High Road on Sunday Nov 01 (with a face mask please), visit the market, local shops and cafes. You'll be giving a huge boost to our community.

2. We need more marshals!  We had over 50 volunteers last time from our local community and the feedback was that they greatly enjoyed the experience and being part of a special event. We'd love your help next weekend so if you can spare a few hours, please email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Subject: Chiswick Flower Market Marshal

3. We are phasing out plastic bags as part of our pledge to eliminate single use plastic.  You will be able to buy the latest must–have Chiswick accessory, a big jute bag with the flower market logo on it for only £5.  All profits go back to the market (which reinvests in the local community).

4. Do make use of our plant crèche. Buy your plants and leave them with us while you go off and do the rest of your shopping – and our cargo bike delivery service, free delivery home for your market purchases within Chiswick.

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Pin Your Opinion - On The Town Centre Map

The issue of consultation is a hot one at the moment, given that many residents felt that they were not directly consulted on the traffic plans for either Turnham Green Terrace / Devonshire Road or those in the Grove Park area. In fact, in October 2019 the Council launched an interactive map for Grove Park residents to post comments on the Safer Neighbourhoods scheme, but it was stated at the time by our local Councillors that they felt that it was not sufficiently widely publicised.

Now, Hounslow Council has a new consultation underway on 'Seeking Community Views on the Borough of Hounslow's Town Centres', which relates directly to Chiswick High Road and the surrounding streets. It is again an interactive map, which makes it easy to place a pin in the spot on which you wish to comment, but also view other comments and agree or disagree with them, as appropriate.

Should you wish to share your views this can be done online here:

The deadline is 01 November and the Council's website sets out the detail, but in short this is about listening to your ideas on a wide range of topics, with current submissions such as: road quieting measures, pollution control, village beautification, retail environment.  The council says: "This is phase one of the engagement; in the Autumn we will be coming out to the town centres to work with you on your ideas." We will try and keep you updated if and when we learn more details about the above.

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Smooth Runnings in Grove Park Gardens

02 Oct 2020  Tarmac in the rain

The vast swathes of potholes in Grove aprk gransed and Grove Aprk Terrace have finally been fixed - but uneven pavements remain. A Grove Park resident tripped and fell in September, breaking both wrists.

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'Let There Be Light' – After 5 Years

After some 5 years of lobbying by residents and the Grove Park Group, lighting has finally been installed on the Deans Close / Ernest Gardens railway footbridge. The lack of illumination on the footbridge over the railway, allowing connecting Strand on the Green commuters to connect with Gunnersbury Station, has been a longstanding source of anxiety for pedestrians on dark evenings.

On 24th October 2015, prompted by local residents, there was a site meeting on the Deans Close Bridge, attended by Ruth Cadbury MP, local Councillors, residents and the GPG. The GPG followed up the issue with Ruth Cadbury, but she had to retire hurt from unproductive negotiations with Network Rail, who own the land on which the bridge is built, but who stated that lights were not their responsibility. The matter was apparently only settled when Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said that Hounslow would pay for the lights, and, after some public reminders from the GPG, the Council's Transport, Parking & Environmental Strategy Dept. were finally able to install the lights on 21st September, with them becoming operational on Thursday 24 Sept.

The October 2019 consultation on the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood also provoked the following summation, following many residents' comments:

'The Deans Lane footbridge was one of the hotspot locations, with a high level of shared concern over poor personal safety due to lack of lighting and poor maintenance. The council has been working on a new lighting scheme at the bridge which is due to be installed this summer. Further consideration will be given to improving the access to the bridge once this scheme is completed.'

The GPG will continue to monitor the bridge, which is in rather poor condition, and liaise with the council re: ongoing works.

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Chiswick House


Chiswick House and Grounds

Burlington Lane


London W4 2RP

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Hogarth House Museum


Hogarth House

Hogarth Lane

Great West Road


London W4 2QN

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No Left Turn on Staveley

01 October 2020

The South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme was taken a step further today with the installation of a 'Left Turn Only' barrier at the junction of Staveley Road and Park Road. This follows the imposition of "No Access to the A4' on Harvard Hill. Both measures are designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Number Plate Recognition camera at the junction of Hartington Road and the A316, in order to deal with the 8,000 vehicles from elsewhere that traverse Grove Park daily.

The scheme, devised and paid for by the current Government, is designed to be temporary, and is pledged to be reviewed after six months. The Liveable Neighbourhood scheme is specifically designed to encourage more cycling and walking, but also control the amount of emissions created by traffic from outside the neighbourhood, in this case encouraging through traffic to use the A316/A4, rather than cutting through Grove Park at speed.

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Grove Park CPZ Update

The last part of the Grove Park Controlled Parking Zone programme continues. Hounslow's Traffic Department have pledged to introduce the scheme as soon as is practical, but there have been several detailed comments about the planned layout, which the traffic department are considering.

When they have decided how best to incorporate those suggestions, they will publish their decision, which will then go to the required Statutory Consultation. If that is approved, then the works can commence, once included in the schedule for construction. Our sources at Hounslow Council estimate completion date to be no later than August, if all goes smoothly.

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